Server MCU UI

Software MCU

With all the performance improvements that are happening in standard server designs, we at Tacodi™ offer you a packaged software-only MCU that has features similar to that of our hardware MCU. You get the same deployment flexibility as that of the hardware MCU that facilitates deployment of an unlimited number of Conferencing Nodes where and when you need them. If your organization has locations across continents, you can simply deploy a Conferencing Node in each location.

  • Reliable – Linux based
  • Easy installation and administration using web-based UI
  • No cascading screens. All participants in same screen layout
  • Gateway for WebRTC, Microsoft Lync, websockets, RTMP etc
  • H.323 Gatekeeper


As a pure software product, you don't need to invest in and install any custom hardware
to deploy Tacodi™ Software MCU.

True HD Support
Highly Scalable
Rule based conference
Multiple screen layouts
Webinar & Virtual Classroom
LDAP support