Secure, efficient and

Tacodi™ is a total video conferencing solution that is easy to install and comes complete with every possible option you need to deploy a secure, efficient and easy-to-use VC platform like Room-based hardware endpoint, PTZ camera, Webcam, desktop software, iOS app, Android app, scalable hardware MCU, software MCU etc.

We can customize and bundle our VC offering to help you pick the perfect fit suiting your needs and budget.

We welcome the New Work Culture - Hybrid & ‘Work from Home’

Tacodi™ communications and collaboration solutions are designed and developed to address the rapidly changing requirements of the new work culture that include hybrid workspace and work-from- home situations .


It is vitally important now more than ever to foster a warm, well connected and communicative culture of team working in your organization despite the challenging physical barriers imposed by global distances and the pandemic.

Now is the time for you to invest in secure and easy-to-use communication and collaboration technologies that make all your virtual meetups feel as warm, engaging and lively as real ones. And Tacodi™ VC products and technology platform is your perfect option.

We make effective communication across teams possible

Most organizations have invested in and use multiple VC products and solutions and also have to communicated and collaborate with vendors and customers who are using a varied set of VC products. So it is critical that your VC solutions are standards-based and interoperable.


Tacodi™ VC products and technology platform are built on H.323 and SIP standards and are designed to deliver seamless communication and collaboration across your organization and with the world of clients and vendors.


Ensure your Social Networking/Professional Networking Integration

Tacodi™ helps you ensure powerful Social Networking/Professional Networking Integration with Social and professional networks (such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Yammer and Edmodo) that allow millions of users to collaborate online.


Tacodi™ extends the power of these networks by providing opportunities for real-time collaboration. Through the integration of our HD-quality audio, video, and data communication services, Tacodi™ connects with all of these major social and professional networks, enabling cross-platform collaboration building bridges between separate user bases.

Augment your experience with our secure and easy-to-use cloud meeting service by adding in Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Outlook and Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Amazon Chime etc.

Enjoy total interoperability with just a tap.

We offer you great interoperability with our technology gateways enabling integrated meeting solutions with just a touch.


You can enjoy seamless meeting experiences between our meeting room devices that run Tacodi™ hardware and software products and popular third-party cloud video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, Zoom, GoToMeeting and more.


Convenient Bespoke Meeting solutions to suit your working style

Tacodi collaboration & communication platform has been designed and developed keeping in mind how real people communicate and collaborate today.


Our unified cloud software and room system platform provides a secure and seamless HD meeting experience that is easy to deploy and use. Tacodi offers maximum application flexibility and customization while delivering quality, scalability and security without compromise.